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Reduce load testing time by 50%, replace load emulators with real browsers, and get actionable performance testing metrics - all at ninja speed.

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Contemporary load testing tools create performance test scripts for your websites by recording HTTP/S protocol traffic. This results in scripts that are voluminous, hard to read and require dynamic correlation of session state for simple playback, making the entire load testing effort time consuming and strenuous.

LoadNinja’s technology allows you abstract the above considerations by using real browsers in the cloud to record and playback tests without any dynamic correlation.

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Ensure your web applications reliably perform under any condition

  • Record and playback test scripts in minutes with no dynamic correlation or coding
  • Generate accurate load with real browsers at scale for realistic performance data
  • Analyze browser-based performance data that developers and testers can understand out of the box
  • Visualize, isolate and debug any performance issue Virtual Users encounter

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