Accurate and Flexible Load Generation with Real Browsers

Your end users access your application using real browsers, so why not use them for your load test?Sign Up for LoadNinja

Generate Accurate Load with Tens of Thousands of Real Browsers

Unlike the load generated by conventional tools that use vendor-developed, homegrown browser emulators, LoadNinja TrueLoad technology uses real browsers at scale for load tests, creating the most realistic representation of load on the infrastructure supporting applications under test.

Generate Load from Across the World without any Maintenance

Spin up tens of thousands of real browsers as server load directly from different regions of the world, including areas in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Simulate realistic load on your web applications and API layer, without any additional maintenance effort. Forget setup and maintenance of servers and load-generating agents and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Test Internal Applications and APIs in your Local Network

Looking to load test web applications and APIs behind your internal firewall? No problem! Leverage a private proxy to record load tests for internal applications and APIs, and purchase a dedicated load generating IP to whitelist in your firewall.

Customizable Test Scenarios for Every Need

Be it soak tests with long durations, or capacity tests with many ramp ups, flexibly customize your performance tests based on how you expect end users will enter the system.

Create performance scenarios to test for any condition you want to test. From soak testing over extended periods of times to capacity testing across multiple ramp ups, LoadNinja can help you ensure your web applications and APIs are prepared for every situation.

Adjustable Load Generation Machine Capacity

Web applications can sometimes be resource intensive, which means you’ll need extra juice in your load generating instance to prevent any performance bottlenecks due to overloading the load servers. To avoid this, you can amp up the power and capacity of the load generating machines as needed in your scenarios, ensuring you always get the most accurate and actionable understanding of your application’s performance.

Load Test Continuously Within Your CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins

Don’t bother clearing your cache every time you record or start a load test, since all the real browser generated for your load test are spun up from the ground up with no previous history. LoadNinja respects your privacy, and every piece of session data captured in a load test is destroyed after the test Is run.  


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Ensure your web applications reliably perform under any condition

  • Record and playback test scripts in minutes with no dynamic correlation or coding
  • Generate accurate load with real browsers at scale for realistic performance data
  • Analyze browser-based performance data that developers and testers can understand out of the box
  • Visualize, isolate and debug any performance issue Virtual Users encounter