Load Test Internal Applications Easily

Internal applications are just as vital as publicly available applications. Load testing these applications is easy with LoadNinja and there are options to meet every team's need. 

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Test Applications in Local Network

Even gain insights into internal application performance. Leverage a private proxy to record load tests for internal applications, use a dedicated IP for your load tests, or whitelist dynamic IPs before you run your tests.

Record Tests with the LoadNinja Proxy

LoadNinja runs tests on web resources in the local network using our private proxy – a lightweight desktop application. With this proxy, LoadNinja can generate load to access services and applications in your company’s intranet. Simply download the proxy, make sure it's connected to your network, and continue to record the test with the InstaPlay recorder as usual.

Leverage a Static IP to Run Load Tests for Internal Applications

Use LoadNinja load testing capabilities to ensure the high quality performance of websites within your local network with a static load generator IP to whitelist. With this option, you're only required to whitelist one IP once. Every IP used in your load tests after that will go through your dedicated IP, so you do not have to spend additional time whitelisting multiple IP addresses. 

Whitelist Dynamic IPs

If a dedicated IP is not a good tactic for your team, you can alternatively whitelist the list of IPs required to generate load to your internal application. LoadNinja will provide a list of the IP addresses of all the load generating instances before the test run starts. You'd need to modify your firewall rules to whitelist these IP address so that virtual users can interact with your service. We've found that a dedicated IP is a more efficient way to ensure you can load test your applications, but we understand some teams may need to do this process manually. 


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Ensure your web applications reliably perform under any condition

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