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Downtimes are costly.
Avoid them with LoadNinja.

LoadNinja is an easy-to-use performance testing platform for web apps and APIs. Don't approximate performance - get a realistic representation of load using real browsers.

During your free, 14-day trial, here's what you can expect:

  • Fully featured LoadNinja trial
  • Load test with real browsers at scale
  • Easily record and playback scripts
  • Analyze and diagnose issues in real time
  • Automate performance tests in any environment
  • Test applications in local network
  • Data-driven load tests for full test coverage
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Why LoadNinja?

Reduce Test Script Creation Time by 60%

Create the most complex test scripts and play them back in minutes.

Analyze in Real Time

Get actionable data in the form of browser-based navigation timings.

Test Applications in Local Network

Get insights into internal application performance efficiently and effectively.

Generate Load with 1000s of real browsers

Create the most realistic and accurate representation of load on the infrastructure supporting your web application under test.

Data Drive Load Tests

Attach a databank to your load test scenario and run it to pull information either sequentially, randomly, or uniquely.

Automate Within Your CI/CD Pipeline

Rapidly create and execute load tests, get deep insights into project status with execution cycles, and track application performance over time.

Capture Client-Side Interactions

Auto-capture client-side page changes despite any encryption, authentication, and authorization parameters involved.


Compare Reports

Baseline performance and compare over time to provide insights into deviations.

Centralize Test Management

Manage tasks, get visibility into load test creation and execution, and track and report on the progress.