Beyond Protocol Results: Why and how to analyze end-user experience through real browser-based load

Performance testing is critical if you want to scale web applications. Poor performance is a major reasons why digital companies lose users, which is why it’s imperative to ensure your application infrastructure is able to handle the anticipated load without compromising on your end user experience.   

Typically, performance testing tools like JMeter capture the HTTP/S traffic between the server and the client as part of the script, which is also why the results are also shown in terms of the server-client interaction. Not only is this approach tedious, requiring testers spend an enormous amount of time programming scripts to account for any dynamic components like session IDs, it also provides an incomplete understanding of your application’s performance. This is because the results shown do not account for the time it takes for the browser to process the server responses and render it for the user to interact with the application.

In order to get a full understanding of your application’s performance, you need to be looking at your end user experience through the lenses of the browser.

Join this webinar and learn about:  

  • Modeling end user behavior correctly in the test script 
  • Driving the browser to capture these transactions and play them back without dynamic correlation or programming  
  • Increasing test coverage and data-drive different scenarios using LoadNinja's TrueLoad technology 
  • Running a load test using real browsers at scale with LoadNinja’s TrueLoad technology  
  • Analyzing end user performance data and actionable browser-based performance metrics
Keshav Vasudevan

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