Increasing Performance Test Coverage Without Compromising on Agility

Scripting tests, especially performance test, can be a very hard ordeal. Many business, QA and product teams expect almost every possible transaction to get scripted as realistically as possible and load test them across different scenarios by tweaking the right parameters. Many a time, this would also require the tester to data-drive their load tests, wherein external data is gradually incorporated into different user transactions to model a real-world scenario. 

Depending on the complexity of the application and the user transactions, the above could require anywhere between a few days to several weeks to orchestrate successfully. The end result is not only extremely time consuming and resource intensive for the team, but can also put your development and delivery on hold in the fast paced world of agile and devops workflows.

But there is a better way to increase performance test coverage without compromising on agility.

In this webinar, you will learn how –

  1. Teams are incorporating performance testing of their UI components within an agile workflow
  2. The differences between code coverage and test coverage in performance
  3. To use Pareto principle to identify the scenarios that yield highest value for end users
  4. To increase test coverage and data-drive different scenarios using LoadNinja’s TrueLoad technology

The methods shown above could help save anywhere from 20- 60% of effort scripting and modelling scenarios. 

Keshav Vasudevan
Saoirse Hinksmon

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