Machine Learning Accelerates Performance Testing Analysis 

Experiencing slowdowns or outages is no way to discover that your website or web application has a problem under load – particularly during the holiday season. Performance testing is a crucial part of ensuring your applications are ready for the real world, but with shorter development cycles many teams struggle to find the time to fit load testing into their sprint plans, much less perform the detailed analysis of test results needed to help developers quickly identify and resolve performance problems. 

Join SmartBear to learn how the new machine learning capabilities of the LoadNinja Sensei assistant can help you avoid website and web application outages and slowdowns. We will show you how to shorten the time needed for load testing by accelerating analysis, and how to arm your developers with the insights they need to address performance issues before they become a production problem.   

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:  

  • Create performance tests quickly, based on your end user transactions
  • Identify performance trends and patterns in the end user experience under load
  • Analyze resources sent over the network for rendering by the browser when under load
  • Pinpoint specific issues for your developers to target in remediating performance issues, with the LoadNinja Sensei assistant
Emma Barbera
John Ellsworth

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