Taking the Stress out of Stress Testing

Performance testing is done to determine the speed, responsiveness, and stability of a website. As an application grows in popularity, the access rate can cause bottlenecks and lead to a slow, lagging user experience. It is critical to scale the application accordingly, and performance testing can help in this process. Frequent testing is also necessary to catch bugs before deploying to production; and, returning invaluable metrics to all team members provides clear insight and understanding into how end users interact with the application.

With the upcoming peak traffic season around the corner, you'll want to know how your websites perform under normal expected load as well as during unexpected spikes. By recording on real web browsers, you can generate realistic load by simulating the exact user transactions that will be configured in a load test and get browser-based metrics.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Get started with performance testing (load and endurance tests)
  • Simulate realistic load tests by recording on real web browsers
  • Get browser-based metrics, such as duration and navigation timings

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