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Episode 29: UX Performance in Continuous Testing with Guy Arieli

About this Episode

We all know that application and website performance has a significant impact on digital customer experience, which directly affects business results. But what can you do about it? In this episode Guy Arieli, CTO of Experitest, will share some insights into UX Performance integrated into the continuous testing pipeline. Discover ways to improve poor user experience and how it can make a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.

About Guy Arieli

Guy Arieli

Guy Arieli has a strong track record in technology innovation with more than 18 years of development and hands-on experience in test automation. Prior to Experitest, Guy held management positions in HP, Cisco and 3Com. He also founded and sold the largest local Test Automation services company. Guy leads the largest Test Automation forum online and holds a B.Sc. in the Technion.

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Episode 28: The Prestige User Performance Method with Ankur Jain

About this Episode

Would you like to able to measure client-side performance in production without using APM tools? In this episode, Ankur Jain shares his Prestige User Performance Method on how to do just that. Discover how to add a simple performance API to your JavaScript to capture client-side browser performance info.

About Ankur Jain


Ankur has a degree in information technology and a total of 5+ years of experience in performance testing and engineering. He has extensive experience in tuning client-side/UI performance of web pages. Currently, he is working on storage and backup domain for a SAAS(AWS) based company, taking care of backup performance, capacity planning, python/GO code level performance bottleneck identification and tuning.

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Episode 27: Making the Move from SDET to SRE with Evan Niedojadlo

About this Episode

Are you looking to work on your tech skills to make you more employable? Or think an SRE role might be the perfect fit for your next career move? In this episode, Evan Niedojadlo shares how he transformed his career from an SDET to an SRE. Discover tips, tools, and inspiration to help you make the move to an SRE role.

About Evan Niedojadlo

Evan Niedojadlo

Evan is an engineer with a wide range of test automation development, security, software quality, DevOps, and experience. He organizes the Austin Automation Pros Meetup for everyone interested in learning.

You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn, and learn more from his blog.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Evan with questions on making the move to an operations role or if you just want to have a conversation.

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Episode 26: 9 Load Testing Best Practices with Joe Colantonio

About this Episode

One of the most misunderstood parts of performance testing is load testing. Most folks think all performance testing is load testing, but that’s incorrect. In this episode discover what a load test really is as well as nine things to consider when planning a load test. Listen up to learn what load testing mistakes to avoid.

Episode 25: Performance is a Team Sport with Mark Tomlinson

About this Episode

Today we’ll open up the Test Guild vault for an interview I did with Mark Tomlinson five years ago about performance testing as a team sport. Mark is a performance engineering and software testing enthusiast, and co-founder of the popular PerfBytes podcasts. In this episode Mark shares how to get your team to adopt modern performance testing and engineering strategies, practices, and behaviors for better performing technology. I think this message is needed even more than ever, and that’s why I’m re-sharing it with you.

About Mark Tomlinson

Mark Tomlinson

Mark Tomlinson is a performance engineering and software testing consultant. His career began in 1992 with a comprehensive two-year test for a life-critical transportation system, a project which captured his interest in software testing, quality assurance, and test automation. After extended work at Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, he has amassed broad experiences with real-world scenario testing of large and complex systems and is regarded as a leading expert in software testing automation with a specific emphasis on performance. As “The Performance Sherpa” Mark now offers coaching, training and consulting to help customers adopt modern performance testing and engineering strategies, practices and behaviors for better performing technology systems.

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Episode 24: Performance Strategies for the People with Corey Bailey

About this Episode

Are you struggling to come up with a performance strategy that will help your team? In this episode, we’ll be talking with Corey Bailey, all about his approach to performance engineering. Discover insight around real user metrics, self-service, performance frameworks, and much more. Listen up.

About Corey Bailey


Long time Performance Engineer, and SRE helping teams democratize performance testing and engineering.

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Episode 23: Front End Developers View of Performance with Cristian Daniel Marquez Barrios

About this Episode

What does “Front End Performance” mean? With today's modern software development framework, front end performance has become more critical than ever for performance testers to be aware of. In this episode, we’ll talk with Cristian Daniel Marquez Barrios about front end performance from a developer's perspective. Listen up!

About Cristian Daniel Marquez Barrios

Cristian Daniel Marquez Barrios

Cristian is a Software Engineer with ten years of experience developing user interfaces with javascript. He had the opportunity to work as a Frontend lead, creating integration workflows, and finding the best possible solutions to cover the client's needs. He has been working with Angular, VueJS and ReactJS, it means, he's able to switch to any of the top javascript frameworks. Additionally, he has experience creating applications with content management systems like Adobe Experience Manager and WordPress. He has been involved in projects for clients ranging from digital agencies to banks, having the opportunity to work with different technologies and methodologies. Capable of finding solutions that consider all client expectations with best practices to ensure the best user experience.

He is a passionate senior Frontend developer with solid architecture knowledge and capabilities and an exceptional understanding of the complete development cycle for digital projects. He can work in great harmony with other disciplines and many types of developers.

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Episode 22: Continuous Integration Performance Testing with Paola Rossaro

About this Episode

One thing I’ve seen teams struggle with is including Performance Testing earlier in their software development lifecycle. Agile testing is getting even harder for devs and testers as more and more companies are also looking for ways to incorporate their performance test in their Continuous Testing/Continuous Delivery pipelines. In this episode, we’ll talk with Paola Rossaro, CTO and Cofounder of Nouvola about how performance testing can become part of your continuous deployment life cycle, helping you achieve faster deployment of scalable applications.

About Paola Rossaro


Paola is Co-Founder and CTO at Nouvola. She also loves seeing data and distributed systems in action, working flawlessly. Her career has spanned leadership roles at Teachscape and Wind River where she was responsible for the teams ensuring distributed enterprise application testing and monitoring (ie: making sure everything works flawlessly). She loved it so much her Ph.D. in Computer Engineering didn’t seem to take it far enough, so she continued post-doc work at UC Berkeley in real-time network performance.

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Episode 21: Signal and System Testing with Paul McLean

About this Episode

In this episode, Paul McLean will discuss what he calls signal and system performance testing. Paul is an IT performance consultant at RPM Solutions & TestDataServices with more than thirty years of experience. We’ll cover a bunch of topics like dataless testing, population-oriented testing, MFA, OIDC, and much more.

About Paul McLean

Paul McLean Headshot

Paul has more than 30 years of load testing experience in a large variety of technologies and markets with a strong focus on risk-based analysis and technical delivery of tests in challenging situations. Paul has manufactured data to support many of his load tests and set up a separate business focused on Test Data and related Services, which aims to improve testing outcomes while simplifying as aspects of test data management and interactions.

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Episode 20: How to Avoid Newbie Performance Testing Mistakes with Rebecca Clinard

About this Episode

Today we’ll travel in our performance testing time machine all the way back to 2016 for an interview I did with Rebecca Clinard about how to avoid newbie mistakes in performance testing. If you’re thinking about getting into performance testing, or want to know how you can help your teams with performance-related tasks, you don’t want to miss this episode.

About Rebecca Clinard

Rebecca Clinard

Rebecca Clinard is an expert Performance Engineer and a Performance Engineering Solution Architect at New Relic. She's been active in the web application performance industry for 20 years. Rebecca enjoys taking very technical information and evangelizing the technology into easier to understand words. She's published a variety of syndicated blogs while making a name for myself in this niche industry. All her content is derived from hands-on experience.

Rebecca has held several performance engineer positions for industries spanning many verticals such as retail, financial services, insurance, gaming, and supply management. Her expertise lies in creating realistic load tests and performance tuning multi-tier deployments.

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