No learning curve. No correlations. Just real-world accuracy.

Anyone on your team can load test with instant playback, an easy-to-use interface, and real browsers for reliable data.

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Reduction in time creating test scripts

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Load testing doesn't have to be difficult.

Traditional performance testing has always happened in the protocol layer. This results in massive tests that are hard to read, require extensive programming, and take hours, even weeks to set up. Even the results aren’t even indicative of the real world as they test the protocol.

No wonder performance testing seemed hard.

But it doesnt have to be with LoadNinja. Instead of testing the protocol, test the actual end-user experience across tens of thousands of browsers using our TrueLoad technology, saving you over 60% of effort. No maintenance or setup required to give you the most accurate understanding of performance in the least amount of time possible.

Real-world examples from real users

Right off the bat, just the ease of generating a script running the script, the fact that you can generate load from servers in the cloud to test private applications was really simple.  LoadNinja was able to point out 3 or 4 areas that we had bottlenecks that we said okay that’s an indicator that we can go in and fix. We were able to make our response times faster and customers happier

Software Quality Manager, IT Synergistics

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Instant Playback in Real Browsers


Actionable Browser-Based
Nav. Timings
Traditional Load Testing
Coding for Playback in Homegrown Load Generators
Non-standard Data resulting in lost time in translation

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Automate Load Tests & Integrate Into Any CI/CD Pipeline

Incorporate continuous performance testing into your deployment schedule. Move rapidly without sacrificing quality or coverage by parameterizing tests, then automating them using our public REST API or custom CI/CD plugins.

Accurate Performance Tests, Easy to Set Up

Load Testing

Test with a wide selection of configurations, device types, and virtual user requirements so you can troubleshoot performance deviations from your baseline.

LoadNinja's Advantage

Soak Testing

Understand your application's behavior under extended periods of load, and debug in real time with our VU Inspector and VU Debugger.

Other Performance Testing Types


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Ensure your web applications reliably perform under any condition

  • Record and playback test scripts in minutes with no dynamic correlation or coding
  • Generate accurate load with real browsers at scale for realistic performance data
  • Analyze browser-based performance data that developers and testers can understand out of the box
  • Visualize, isolate and debug any performance issue Virtual Users encounter