Record and Playback Test Scripts in Minutes

Increase test coverage for websites, web apps, and APIs without sacrificing quality. Create complex performance tests without complex correlation.

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Reduce Test Script Creation Time by 60%

Creating and playing back load tests should not involve complex dynamic correlation and programming – which conventional load testing tools demand. LoadNinja InstaPlay Recorder, enhanced with artificial intelligence, can create even the most complex API and UI tests almost instantly, saving you over 60% of effort.

Instantly Create Web UI and API Tests

Everyone uses real browsers to interact with websites and web apps, so why not use them to record your test? Use our embedded recorder to capture web app and API transactions and replay without having to account for any dynamic elements in the web layer through correlation or programming.

No clearing cookies or cache, and no plugin installations required. These tests are immediately replayed, so you can validate that the test reflects the expected end user experience.

Tackle Performance Bottlenecks Faster, Together

Asynchronous calls in the web application’s client side are commonplace in today’s software world. LoadNinja automatically captures client-side page changes despite any encryption, authentication and authorization parameters involved, abstracting any manual effort that is otherwise needed from existing tools.   

Since LoadNinja records and replays every test in a real browser, it comes with support for a wide range of technologies out-of the-box, including Windows, Java, AJAX, WPF, React, Agular and HTML5 among others.  

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AI Object Recognition for Easier UI Test Creation

Recognize objects on your web UI layer better with an artificial-intelligence aided algorithm. This ensures you spend less time configuring your tests, and more time running and analyzing load tests.

If your website changes with new updates, you don't have to rescript or recreate your entire test as you can easily record new actions and steps to your existing tests with just a few clicks.

Data-drive Tests for Full Coverage

Increase test coverage without sacrificing time by parameterizing your load tests. With LoadNinja you can check how your web application works with different input values from an external file and data drive your tests.


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Ensure your web applications reliably perform under any condition

  • Record and playback test scripts in minutes with no dynamic correlation or coding
  • Generate accurate load with real browsers at scale for realistic performance data
  • Analyze browser-based performance data that developers and testers can understand out of the box
  • Visualize, isolate and debug any performance issue Virtual Users encounter