The Only Performance Testing Tool to Provide Real-world Performance Data

Diagnose performance issues with your website and apps in real time, with data right from the browser

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Analyze in Real-Time with VU Inspector and Debugger

The power of using real browsers for all of your load generation helps in producing intelligent data you know you can trust. Get actionable data in the form of browser based navigation timings that developers and performance testers are used to working with every day, and quickly isolate issues in real-time.

Centralize Test Management with LoadNinja & Zephyr for Jira

Get data that your developers can understand and work with, without any translation. Every piece of performance data from your load tests come straight from the browser’s DOM, giving you and your engineers all the insights you need to scale your app reliably under any condition.  

Tackle Performance Bottlenecks Faster, Together

See exactly how your virtual users interact with your website in real browsers with LoadNinja’s VU Inspector. Watch transactions on your website happen in real time under load across all your virtual users, capture any application degradation that your end users may experience, and know exactly how to reproduce performance issues for your engineers to fix.  

Increase Test Coverage Without Sacrificing Quality Tests

Analyze and drill down across different test results through rich graphs that detail your websites performance across metrics like page response time, navigation times and network traces. Create user-friendly reports that keep your technical and business stakeholders aligned on your performance testing parameters and outcomes.  

Load Test Continuously Within Your CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins

LoadNinja's VU Debugger allows you to easily isolate any issues and errors you find in the load test by connecting to the browsers that face these issues in real time, allowing you to analyze the network trace and debug the root causes with user-friendly data from the browser's DOM. 

AI Object Recognition for Easier Recording and Optimal Playback

Baseline performance and compare over time to provide insights into deviations that need to be corrected before the application goes live.

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Ensure your web applications reliably perform under any condition

  • Record and playback test scripts in minutes with no dynamic correlation or coding
  • Generate accurate load with real browsers at scale for realistic performance data
  • Analyze browser-based performance data that developers and testers can understand out of the box
  • Visualize, isolate and debug any performance issue Virtual Users encounter