Faster, Accurate Performance Test Scripting Using AI

Traditionally, testers and developers involved in software quality weren’t just required to know the myriad ways end users interact with a certain feature, they also needed to actually write code and create the test scripts. Typically, performance testing tools capture the HTTP/S traffic between the server and the client as part of the script, and require testers spend a lot of time to correlate and program dynamic parameters like session IDs and cookies in the script. This takes anywhere between several hours and a few weeks for the tester, making performance test scripting a laborious, time consuming and high-skilled effort.

In the modern day, writing performance test scripts should not be as daunting as writing the actual application code. Using a combination of the InstaPlay technology to record scripts from the browser’s perspective and drive it to playback without any code, and AI to recognize web objects on the fly, the effort involved in scripting can be greatly reduced.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Modelling end user behavior correctly in the test script
  • Driving the browser to capture these transactions and play them back without dynamic correlation or programming
  • Using AI to enhance object recognize during script playback and adding smart Service Level Agreements (SLA) to baseline your test
  • Using these scripts and load testing with real browsers at scale without manual setup or maintenance
Keshav Vasudevan

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