Checklist of Load Testing Metrics

Here's a free checklist of load testing metrics to measure when evaluating your application's performance:

  • 1. Web Server Metrics
    • Busy and idle threads - Do you need more web servers or works?
    • Throughput - How many transactions per second can you handle?
    • Bandwidth Requirements - Is the network creating a bottleneck?

  • 2. App Server Metrics
    • Load distribution - Do you need more application servers?
    • CPU usage - How much CPU usage do you need for each load?
    • Memory usage - Are there any memory leaks?
    • Worker threads - Are workers correctly configured?
  • 3. Host Metrics
    • CPU, memory, disk - Are there problems with network interfaces?
    • Key processes - What processes are running on the host?

  • 4. App Metrics
    • Time spent in logic layer - What layer slows down with an increased load?
    • Number of calls in logic layer - How often are you calling internal web services?

  • 5. API Metrics
    • Transactions per second - How much throughput can you handle?
    • Bits per second - Is data a bottleneck?

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