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Episode 19: APM in DevOps and SRE with Andreas Grabner

About this Episode

In this episode, we’ll be talking with Andreas Grabner, a DevOps Activist at Dynatrace, all about application performance monitoring (APM) in DevOps & SRE. Andreas also shares a new open source solution to help you with event-based control plane for continuous delivery and automated operations for cloud-native applications –cool stuff. Listen up

About Andreas Grabner

Andreas Grabner Headshot

Andreas Grabner has 20+ years of experience as a software developer, tester and architect and is an advocate for high-performing cloud-scale applications. He is a regular contributor to the DevOps community, a frequent speaker at technology conferences and regularly publishes articles on

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Episode 18: AiOps in Performance with Jonathon Wright

About this Episode

Today we'll be speaking with Jonathan Wright about AiOps in performance engineering. Jonathan will also share his thoughts on performance testing in 2020. If you're looking to plan your performance testing strategy for the new year and beyond, you don't want to miss this episode.

About Jonathon Wright

Jonathon Wright Headshot

Jonathon Wright is a strategic thought leader and distinguished technology evangelist. He specializes in emerging technologies, intelligent automation and cognitive adoption (deep learning), and has more than 20 years’ of international commercial experience within global organizations. He is currently the CTO for based in Oxford in the UK, advocacy board director for various not for profit such as and is a representative of the European Commission on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Jonathon combines his practical experience and leadership with real-world insights behind the core principles and practices underpinning Enterprise AI, Smart Cities (IoT / C2X & I2X) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Jonathon is the author of several award-winning books.

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Episode 17: Performance Testing in 2020 with James Pulley

About this Episode

Looking to start your New Year performance testing efforts off right? In this episode James Pulley, co-host of PerfBytes, will share his predictions for performance testing in 2020. Discover what you need to know to stay up to speed on the latest in performance engineering. Listen up.

About James Pulley

As one of the original and lasting LoadRunner experts, James Pulley's focus for the past decade has been assisting clients in finding answers to complex questions related to load, performance, response time and scalability. James began his career working for Microsoft in the support arm of Microsoft's Operating Systems and Database solutions as an electronic support pioneer for Microsoft on Compuserve for Microsoft Windows. After Microsoft James worked for Banyan systems, a pioneer in the integrated directory services model for PC networks. From Banyan, James moved to Mercury Interactive for a two-year stint in Mercury's sales arm as a pre-sales systems engineer. In the last 18 years, James has been working independently as an executive, consultant, advisor, and evangelist for various companies big and small.

James is also one of the hosts on the performance testing podcast PerfBytes.

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Episode 16: Performance Testing APIs with Patrick Poulin

About this Episode

API reliability is a crucial metric of continuous API quality. For today's site reliability APIs must be able to perform as expected under various types of stress from the real world. In this episode, discover how to unify your functional and nonfunctional API testing, allowing you to use existing functional tests as load tests. Patrick Poulin, CEO of API Fortress, will share some ways you can gain a holistic understanding of your API performance, as well as how to stress test endpoints and full API flows.

About Patrick Poulin

Patrick Poulin

Patrick Poulin is the co-founder and CEO of API Fortress, an API testing automation platform that was built from the ground up for continuous API testing and unlimited functional uptime monitoring. Prior to API Fortress, Patrick worked as the API evangelist at Getty Images. Before that, he ran the retail vertical for Usablenet where they built the first mobile websites and apps for companies including Tesco, Target, Macy’s, MAC Cosmetics, and 70 other major brands.

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Episode 15: Chaos Engineering and Site Reliability Testing with Tammy Bütow

About this Episode

One testing technique I heard quite a bit about over the past year is Chaos Engineering. One of my most popular podcast episodes this year was my interview Tammy Butow, a principal site reliability engineer at Gremlin. She shared how to make your site more reliable by using chaos engineering to discover hard-to-find breakpoints in your software. In this episode, I’ll share my previously-published interview with Tammy to help you prepare to make your websites more performant and reliable in 2020. Listen up!

About Tammy Bütow

Tammy Bütow Gremlin

Tammy Butow is a principal SRE at Gremlin, where she works on chaos engineering—the facilitation of controlled experiments to identify systemic weaknesses. She is also part of the Executive Team at Gremlin. Gremlin helps engineers build resilient systems using their control plane and API. Previously, Tammy led SRE teams at Dropbox responsible for the databases and storage systems used by over 500 million customers and was an IMOC (incident manager on call), where she was responsible for managing and resolving high-severity incidents across the company. She has also worked in infrastructure engineering, security engineering, and product engineering. Tammy is the co-founder of Girl Geek Academy, a global movement to teach one million women technical skills by 2025.

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Episode 14: Modeling Test Data For Performance Testing with James Walker

About this Episode

What can performance engineers learn from the principles of functional test automation? In this episode James Walker, an SDET at Curiosity Software will share modeling and data tips that most might associate with functional testing, but can be applied to performance testing as well. Listen to discover why test data is so critical for creating more realistic performance tests.

About James Walker

James is an experienced Software Developer Engineer in Test (SDET) and an experienced software inventor. He has helped design and built multiple model-based testing and test automation tools and has collaborated closely with a wide range of organizations to solve their QA needs. James was a manager of Software Engineering at CA Technologies and is now Director of Technology with Curiosity Software.

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Episode 13: Black Friday Performance Testing Challenge

About this Episode

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 are over – how did your site do? Listen in to hear about a few companies whose website did not fare well this year. Also, discover a simple way to get started with performance testing and how to participate in the December performance testing challenge.

About the Challenge

Besides being easy to use LoadNinja has a new feature called Network Analytics that helps you visualize and analyze faster your performance test data.

You can now visualizer and analyze every single network operation on a page processed by the browser, including any API calls with detailed navigation timing data, the time it takes to download them, and their download size. This information is shown at different points during the duration of the test, with the ability to aggregate and visualize the data based on duration, download size, API calls, domains, paths, and more.

LoadNinja was designed to create a more holistic performance testing platform that provides a detailed analysis of your web application performance. The analysis is actionable and allows for easy and seamless collaboration between the testing and development teams.

Try the challenge now by getting the FREE trial.

Episode 12: Simplified Performance Engineering with Stephen Townshend

The way software is delivered has changed. We now release smaller changes more often – and we must adapt. In this episode, Stephen Townshend shares ways to simplify your performance testing efforts and adapt to more agile methods. Discover why simpler is better, and learn some tips to get more folks involved in the transition from performance testing to performance engineering.

Stephen is a performance specialist based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has a passion for getting the basics right, which he explores with his YouTube series “Performance Time”.

Stephen is also a professionally trained actor. He really doesn't know anything about performance engineering, he's just playing a role.

Connect with Stephen Townshend

Episode 11: Performance Testing Pipes and Balloon Animals with Scott Barber and Mark Tomlinson

In this episode, listen in on one of Perfguild online conferences’ Ask Us Anything roundtables with Scott Barber and Mark Tomlinson. Scott is the founder of PerfTestPlus, and Mark is a host at PerfBytes, so they’re both performance testing uber-experts. Learn more about using functional automation scripts for performance testing, the future of performance testing, ways to get started with performance testing, and much, much more. Also listen up to find out how performance testing is similar to pipes and balloon animals.

Scott Barber is the CTO of PerfTestPlus, executive director of the Association for Software Testing (AST) and co-founder of the Workshop on Performance and Reliability (WOPR). A recognized expert in performance testing and analysis, he combines experience and a passion for solving performance problems with a context-driven approach he sometimes calls a “scientific art” to produce accurate results. Scott is an international keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, and writer of articles for a variety of publications

Mark Tomlinson is a performance engineering and software testing enthusiast and co-founder of the popular PerfBytes podcasts. Mark's first experiences with computing started in 1992 with a comprehensive two-year test for a life-critical transportation system, a project which captured his interest in software testing, quality assurance, and test automation. After extended work with Mercury Interactive, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and PayPal he has amassed broad experiences with real-world scenario testing of large and complex systems and is regarded as a leading expert on computer system performance. Mark now helps companies to adopt modern performance testing and engineering strategies, practices and behaviors for better performing technology.

Episode 10: How to Inject Robustness Testing Into Your Projects Dawn Haynes

Have you ever worked on a project where you felt the testing was thorough, yet in the first week of production the software had severe issues and problems? In this episode, Dawn Haynes will share how to inject robustness testing into your projects to uncover those issues before release. Robustness is an important and often overlooked area of performance testing. Listen to discover some strategies for making robustness testing a project-level concern.

Dawn Haynes is CEO, testing coach, and consultant for PerfTestPlus, Inc. A highly regarded trainer of software testers, Dawn blends experience with a real-world view to provide testers with tools and techniques to help them generate new approaches to common and complex software testing problems. Passionate about improving the state of testing, Dawn engages with testers through writing, social media, training, meetups, and testing conferences worldwide. Selected in 2010 as one of twelve women of influence in Software Test and Performance magazine, Dawn is a founding member of the International Society for Software Testing, and a lifetime member, former secretary, and director of the Association for Software Testing.

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